Pay your subs now to enjoy Earlybird discount

Pay your subs now to enjoy Earlybird discount

By David Johns
1 October
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With the league season under way, now is the time to pay your annual subscriptions.

To encourage prompt payment, any senior players that pay their subs prior to November 1st, will receive a special earlybird discount.

It is important to the club that all members pay their annual subscriptions promptly at the start of the season.

Not only do your subscriptions ensure that as a registered member you are fully insured for all hockey activities, but are also an essential contribution towards the costs of running the club.

Quite simply, if players are not paying their subs and match fees then the club will not be able to meet its running costs. For this reason, we can not tolerate non-payment of subscriptions or match fees.

Payment of subscriptions for this season can be paid quickly and securely online this season, just click here to visit the payments page of this website.

The following options for payment are available:

Pay monthly
This option is available to all senior (18+) members, and spreads the cost of subs and match fees over a 12 month period. This option can prove very good value, as it covers all league games, friendlies, and Broad Oak Social Club membership. Not only does this spread the cost throughout the year, but can also offer significant savings!
Monthly costs for 2019/20 are:
Seniors £26.50
Students/Concessions (18+) £17.50.

Half season payments
We appreciate student finances can be tough, so this option has been designed exclusively for students. This offers the same value as monthly payments, but collects 6 months of payments at once. This allows students (18+) to pay two lump sums to cover subs, match fees, and Broad Oak Social Club membership. This should be paid in October, and January, to coincide with student loan payments. The cost of each lump sum payment is £105

Pay as you go
This traditional option allows you to pay at the beginning of the season to cover your subscriptions and Broad Oak Social Club membership, and then your match fees are paid as you play each game. This option will work out more expensive if you play most weeks, so is best suited to the 'occasional' player. Please note, there is currently no plan to accept payment of pay as you go match fees online.

Subs and match fees this season were agreed by the members of the club at the EGM at the following rates:

Earlybird Subs:
Seniors £110
Students/Concessions (18+) £65
Social £25

Standard Subs:
Seniors £120
Students/Concessions (18+) £75
Juniors (Under 18s) £85
Social £30

Match Fees:
Seniors £10
Students/Concessions (18+) £7
Juniors (Under 18s) £3

To set up monthly payments, or to pay your subs online, please click here to visit the payments page of this website.

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