How to sign up to this site

How to sign up to this site

By David Johns
5th June
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Please take a moment to read this guide to signing up to this website. Signing up will benefit yourself, and your hockey club.

We hope you are enjoying this new website. Not only does it provide a great look for our new club, it also provides several features to assist with the running of the club.

However, to use this website to its full potential, we need you to sign up to it. Fortunately, doing so is easy!

By selecting the "Join Club Website" button on the homepage, you will be led through the simple process, just be sure to validate your email address using the link that will be mailed to you, or we won't be able to contact you!

We will be using the membership database as a central point for contact details, so please ensure you fill them out as accurately as possible and keep them up to date.

We have imported our previous membership database into this website, so you may find that some of your details are already populated. If so, can you please check them and update as necessary.

There are several levels of "Roles" that you can select when signing up, to ease any confusion, below is a brief explanation of each of these, and who they apply to:

Supporter – Anyone at all that has any interest in our club.
Anyone on Pitchero can become a supporter of our club. They don’t have access to any members only content, but can subscribe to our weekly roundup and post on public forums.

Club Member – Anyone who is a member of Portsmouth HC
An authorised member of our club. In addition to the benefits of being a supporter, Club Members can access members only content and post in private forums.

Player – Anyone who plays for Portsmouth HC - Please select your team.
In addition to the benefits of being a Club Member, Players can update their own profiles and set their availability for forthcoming fixtures. All of our players should register on the website.

Coach / Team Staff – Any managers or coaches of a team
Coaches and team staff have similar benefits as players. They are associated with a Coach / Team Staff profile within a team.

Parent – Only available if your child is a member and has a profile to link to.
Parents are linked to a team. They have the same benefits as a Club Member.

Staff / Club Staff – Members of the committee
Committee members and recognised staff at your club. Staff have the same benefits as Club Members.

Team Admin – Team captain by default or as delegated by the team captain / committee.
Team Admins can control fixtures related information for a specific team. This includes match reports, statistics and team news.

Webmaster – As delegated by the committee / primary webmaster.
Webmasters have full control of website content. They can add and remove membership types excluding fellow webmasters.

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